Water treatment for water bottling plants

A water treatment process is custom designed for the type of water which needs to be processed to bottled water. For example, we will describe a process used for treating natural spring water before bottling.

Water is collected from the natural spring and all possible gasses, iron, manganese and other unwanted minerals are removed. Depending on the raw water quality, air under pressure is injected into the water. Pressured water and air react for ten minutes. This process oxidizes unwanted metals in the water. The water with oxidized metals is sprayed in a buffer tank with a holding capacity of approximately 4 hours. This spraying process removes unwanted gases out of the water. The first stage treated water is then pumped through a back wash Micro Z filter, which removes all unwanted sediment and oxidized metals. After the sediment removal filter, a Filox filter follows, which takes care of all possible left over dissolved metals. The product water is now free of all exceeding dissolved metals and gasses and is chemically ready to be bottled. It is pumped through a 5 micron filter and a UV disinfection unit to a holding tank which needs to be at least one day of production capacity. This tank needs to be built in SS316 metal quality.

The water is then pumped out of the holding tank trough an Ozone disinfection unit and 1 micron High Purity filter to the bottling line. The bottled water needs to have 2-5ppm ozone in the water before capping the bottle.