Water filter system

Safe drinking water with a water filter system from Indutec

Effective and reliable filtration
Choosing a water filter system from Indutec Systems N.V is like choosing high quality water out of the tap. We offer a complete line of water filter systems and water coolers with filtration units in various sizes and types appropriate to the needs of our customers. Safe money on bottled water with a water filter system at home. With Indutec Systems you get safe and clean water right from the tap!

Clean drinking water
Tap water from your home may contain physical and chemical contaminants, making the water unsafe for drinking. Tap water also has a high level of magnesium and calcium. This causes lime scale buildup in water using appliances and pipe work. A water filter system is a low cost solution to these problems. Also, a water filter system is easily installed and maintained.

Combining water and technology
Indutec Systems N.V. was founded in 2002 in Suriname. In our country we are the market leader in water treatment and conditioning systems. We combine water and technology for significant benefits for our customers. Besides water treatment solutions for residential customers, we also deliver products to commercial customers in various sectors. A few are:

  • Food processing
  • Water bottling
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial