Water conditioning

Indutec Systems: for residential and industrial water conditioning

Water conditioning solutions from Indutec
Water conditioning is the process of separating unwanted substance from the water. Indutec Systems N.V. offers quality water conditioning and treatment systems to achieve the right kind of water composition. We develop water conditioning systems for residential and industrial customers.

For soft and safe water
Hard water contains a high level of dissolved minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. This is not a health risk but it contributes to unsuitable and expensive operation of water treatment appliances.
Therefore, we recommend the following water conditioning solutions:

  • Water filters such as backwash, stainless steel and cartridge systems
  • Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Water softeners
  • Electromagnetic water conditioners

Solving complex water problems

Indutec Systems N.V. was founded in 2002 in Suriname. Since then we have proven to be the market leader in the water treatment industry. With pleasure we therefore assist in resolving the most complex water problems for various sectors, such as food processing, water bottling, industrial and healthcare. Besides the supply of quality products and services, we also provide after sale service. And we design and produce our own Reverse Osmosis systems.