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Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial In order to keep a business or company afloat it is important to have a good water treatment. Our approach to the water treatment processes in the industrial and commercial sector is not only economical and environmental friendly but they it is also designed based upon the desire of the customer.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverageThe food and beverage industry is a bit under pressure to meet the requirements of environmental legislation, water quality and food safety. Our customized solutions will enable you to live out your water treatment objectives.


Medical water treatmentThe issue of clean water, whether it is for drinking or other usage is very important especially in the medical sector. Indutec's water systems are one the most reliable in the industry, providing higher pre-treated clear water.


Rural Water treatmentIt is a well-known fact that rural areas have a lower coverage of safe water because the ground water which is polluted, is not being processed correctly before usage or in most cases not at all. To tackle this problem we concentrate on removing color, sediment, bacteria and viruses out of the raw water.