Rural water

Indutec Systems: turning rural water in safe and clean water

Providing drinking water
In remote areas, people depend on rural water for their water needs. Indutec Systems N.V. in Suriname specializes in water management systems for the processing of rural water. We offer a wide range of products suitable for different kinds of water management requirements. Our water systems provide safe, clean and drinkable water to people in remote areas

Rural water solutions
Rural water can often be contaminated by subsurface spills from oil and gas wells. Often, rural water wells are also contaminated by microorganisms which can be harmful to humans and animals. Regular monitoring of rural water, combined with appropriate water treatment, can control such contamination. We design and construct tailor made water treatment systems. We also offer the following water management products:

  • Filters, pumps and valves
  • Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Water softeners and conditioners
  • Reactors and strainers

Market leader in Suriname

In Suriname we are known as the market leader in the water treatment industry. For every industry we have the appropriate water management system. We combine various technologies, depending on the requirement of the water purity. Besides the supply of quality products and services, we also give after sale service. And we design and produce our own Reverse Osmosis systems.