Rural water treatment solutions

Surface water treatment to drinking water.
The inland of Suriname has surface water with a TDS lower then 20ppm and a turbidity level less than 30NTU. We therefore concentrate on removing color, sediment, bacteria and viruses out of the raw water.

Sediment removal:
The total solution starts with a submersible pump in the pond or river. The water is then filtered by a backwash filter. This filter is filled with WATTS Micro Z, which removes sediment larger than 5 micron.

Disinfection stage:
After the water is filtered by the backwash filter, it is disinfected with our UV units manufactured by Wyckomar. This is the first stage of water disinfection. It is then followed by the second stage of disinfection, a chlorine injection. Chlorine has two functions within this application:

  • bleaching of the colored water;
  • keep the treated water disinfected in the storage tanks.

After disinfection the water is collected in the main water storage.

Chlorine removal stage: 
Water is now supplied from the main storage to all tabs. When free chlorine needs to be removed before consumption, a carbon filter is installed for chlorine removal between the main storage and the tabs.