Reverse osmosis systems

Efficient operation of machinery with Reverse Osmosis systems from Indutec

Prevent corrosion and deposit buildup 
Reverse Osmosis is the best method of reducing the effects of corrosion and deposit buildup of your machinery. No more unscheduled shutdowns with Reverse Osmosis systems from Indutec Systems N.V.Our Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed and tailored to different applications and needs.

Real cost savings
In the industrial sector, corrosion and lime scale deposits are the major cause of breakdowns and production losses. This is caused by the use of contaminated water for process water systems. Reverse Osmosis is one of the most effective and least expensive methods to solve equipment fouling and scaling problems caused by dirty water. Reverse Osmosis Systems removes small particles such as individual ions from the water. Our Reverse Osmosis systems guarantees real cost savings for your company and contributes to a cleaner environment.

Water filtration partner
We design and develop our own Reverse Osmosis systems. Our systems are built with only the finest components and materials, all sourced from reputable suppliers worldwide. Our professionals are ready to design and produce a tailor made Reverse Osmosis system for your application. Signing a service contract at Indutec, allows us to keep your RO system in excellent condition.