Quality water

High quality water with filter systems from Indutec

Water quality concerns
Are you concerned about the quality of your water? Indutec Systems N.V. offers filter units for removing chemicals, materials and biological contaminants from raw water. Whether you use water from a municipal supply or a local well, we make sure your water has the highest quality.

Quality water is healthy water
Untreated water can be harmful to humans’ health and is the major cause of lime scale deposit in water using appliances and pipe work. A water filter system is a low cost solution to get high quality water. It also offers the following benefits:

  • A supply of safe and clean drinking water which never ends
  • Less expensive than buying bottled water
  • Water with a better taste
  • Helps keep the environment clean by reducing bottles in landfills

Water treatment solutions

Indutec Systems N.V. has years of experience in designing, delivering and installing water treatment systems. For every industry we have the appropriate water treatment solution. We combine water and technology for significant benefits of our customers.