Drinking water filter

Clean and safe water with a drinking water filter from Indutec

Effective and reliable filters
A drinking water filter is specially designed to maintain the drinking water in systems clean and clear. Indutec Systems N.V. has a complete line of drinking water filters and water coolers with filtration units. With a drinking water filter from Indutec you save money on bottled water.

Why filter water
Tap water may contain physical and chemical contaminants, making the water unsafe for drinking. Tap water also has a high level of magnesium and calcium. This causes lime scale buildup in water appliances and pipe works. A drinking water filter offers the following benefits:

  • A supply of safe and clean drinking water which never ends
  • Less expensive than buying bottled water
  • Water with a better taste
  • Helps keep the environment clean by reducing bottles in landfills

Quality products from Indutec

Indutec Systems N.V. was founded in 2002 in Suriname. In our country we are the market leader in the water treatment industry. Our systems are built with only the finest components and materials, all sourced from reputable suppliers worldwide. We also design and produce our own Reverse Osmosis systems.