Drinking water equipment

Filter out impurities with drinking water equipment from Indutec

Drinking water partner
The drinking water equipment of Indutec Systems N.V is suitable for producing healthy water from groundwater, or water from rivers and reservoirs. We have high quality drinking water equipment. We have years of experience of delivering drinking water equipment to remote areas. The components of our drinking water equipment are sourced from reputable suppliers worldwide.

No more impurities
Ground water or water from rivers and reservoirs can often be contaminated by subsurface spills from oil and gas wells. This water can also be contaminated by microorganisms which can be harmful to the health. Regular monitoring of water, combined with appropriate water treatment, can control such contamination. In order to reduce and avoid these contaminations we offer the following drinking water equipment:

  • Filters, pumps and valves
  • Reverse Osmosis systems
  • UV and Ozone water treatment systems
  • Water tests (chemical and bacteriological)

After sale and contracts
Indutec Systems N.V. is the market leader in the water treatment industry in Suriname. We have delivered drinking water equipment to remote villages in our country. We also delivered water treatment systems to the most renowned companies in various industries. Besides the supply of quality products, we also grant after sale service. Signing a service contract at Indutec, allows us to keep your drinking water equipment in excellent condition.